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"I support the cameras. We use cameras in police cars, to replay touchdowns and homeruns, and to catch shoplifters. Now pointing them at intersections to catch red-light runners is unconstitutional? I think it's just that wreckless drivers are too lazy to change their ways."
- Sandra J
"THANK YOU for making our intersections safer. My son was hit by a red-light runner. If we can change driver attitudes and encourage them to be more careful, I think that's a good thing."
- Ron F
"I have seen a difference on the road since we've had the cameras. I haven't seen anyone speed up to beat a yellow light in a long time."
- Pritul J
"If you don't run red lights, then you shouldn't have a problem with the cameras. What is wrong with collecting fines from people who run red lights?"
- Sammy K
"Please keep the traffic cameras up. Ensuring that every red-light runner is penalized for breaking the law is the only way to make aggressive drivers drive safer."
- Charles W

Get The Facts
76 people died and 5,609 were injured because drivers disregarded red lights.
Source: Florida Department of Public Safety, 2008
80% of Americans support the use of intersection safety cameras to identify vehicles that run red lights.
Source: Partnership for Advancing Road Safety
Baltimore County, Maryland
Violations have dropped up to 60% at city intersections equipped with cameras.
Source: City of Baltimore Web Site
Total crashes decreased by 54%, and total injury and PDO crashes were reduced by 56%.
Source: Department of Public Safety, Dr. Simon Washington, 2008
762 people were killed and an estimated 137,000 were injured in crashes that involved red-light running
Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (2008)
A red light is run every 20 minutes at each intersection.
Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Orlando, Florida
33% fewer crashes at ten of the city’s most dangerous intersections.
Source: "Red-Light Cameras Are Preventing Collisions", LaserCraft, 2010
Red-light running is the leading cause of urban crashes.
Source: Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Who Supports Safety Cameras
The following organizations support
Intersection Safety Cameras.

The National Safety Council (NSC)

The Partnership for Advancing Road Safety

I've been walking and jogging the streets of Mukilteo for nine years. As a pedestrian, I have seen dozens of times where busy and important people have run red lights and turned into cross walks where people were walking and riding their bikes. Although the police do a fine job protecting our city, they cannot be everywhere. Traffic cameras, meanwhile, work 24 hours a day — and help hold irresponsible drivers accountable.

If you share these concerns and want to help us keep Mukilteo safe, please consider joining our cause. There is no cost, and we won’t send you email updates unless you want them.

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Christine Preston

Washington Statistics

Read what other cities in Washington say about traffic safety cameras.

Get the real facts about traffic safety cameras.

Latest News
City OK's red light cameras through 2013
The Spokane Police Department is crediting the program for a drop in the number of crashes at the intersections covered by the cameras.

Money is well spent on traffic cameras
I think that reducing speeding in school zones and improving safety by reducing the number of red-light runners is an excellent idea and should be a priority for those folks whose job it is to serve and protect the residents of Bellingham.

Bellingham wants red-light cameras installed at four key intersections
The city could install an enforcement camera at Holly and Forest streets, the worst intersection in terms of T-bone crashes caused by drivers running red lights.

Graph: Seattle Red-Light Camera Tickets by Month
Talking to Mike Quinn, the advisor who manages Seattle's red light camera program, I had to ask: Have you ever been caught by the red-light cameras?

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